Tuesday, 2 July 2013

School re-opened..

Term 3 has just started yesterday. I was happy to know IZ didn't cry, he naturally knocked the door to the classroom and made himself at home. That's my boy.

I know there was a new classmate, one of this blog reader corresponded with me and I get to know yesterday, her girl started in the same class. Isn't that a small world? :-) I hope her girl enjoys going to school as much as IZ and friends.

As usual, when I reached home and asked what he learnt in school that day, he would not reply me, or gave me rubbish answer like Humpty Dumpty etc. Right, teacher taught Humpty Dumpty everyday if you ask him.

Last night, while we were lying down, unwind to sleep, he was in talking mode mood. He suddenly talked to me as if he was an adult. Thinking and answering my questions properly without moving here and there.

I treasure that moment, wish we could talk all night. But I needed to put him to sleep.

He asked that the dad to be in the room together. When I wanted to pat him, he said "don't pat me, daddy pat me".

That's my boy.. my precious boy.


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