Thursday, 31 July 2014

Random cute things..

Spidey post

Insisted to wear the sleeveless shirt to his art class
(without jacket!)

Spidey gets hungry too
Whalloping a slice of cheese.. "my favorite" he says..

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Spot the Difference!

IZ got this Christmas last year from gift exchange (if I remember correctly.. see what have I said about my memory?)..

We started doing Spot the Difference in National Geographic for Kids way before we received this gift. He was not interested.

Starting beginning of this year, after doing it a few times more.. he got the hang of it. Now he enjoys doing it randomly so much that he would bring it to me instead.

Instead of circling (which I know he would do well), I asked him to describe instead.

In the beginning: "I don't know!"

Then: "this one have this and this one don't have this" (pointing to the difference)

For now: "this one have a small butterfly, this one don't have"

I'm still working on the steps..
1) describe what he sees (this one will take time, as he would straight jump into pointing the differences)
2) describe the differences (pointing out colours, sizes, etc)
3) praise.. and lots of praises!

As you can see, it's not just about observing what is the difference.
1) He learnt to pause for a few seconds, looking at the pictures. 
2) He learnt to describe what he sees in general.
3) He learnt to spot the difference.
4) He learnt to describe the differences he spotted.

3 levels of difficulties..
Green - 1 difference
Orange - 2 differences
Red - 3 differences

This one (as he pointed to the card on the right) is ice cream on a crunchy.
This one (as he pointed to the card on the left) is ice cream on a stick.

Initially we did about 5 sets.. I stopped before he wants to stop.
Then I increased to half the stack.. I stopped before he wants to stop.
Now he can complete about 75%.. I stopped before he wants to stop.
The key is not to bore him.. take clue from his body language and attention span.

Slowly, but surely, he'll be there.

"I mistake"

This morning I saw IZ groaning in pain alone in the hall, holding his stomach. He said he had stomachache and need to poo.

As both toilets were occupied, he had to use the potty. After few minutes, he said he's got nothing.

"I was wrong", he said.

Just to make sure I heard properly, I reflected "You were wrong?"

"Yes, I mistake", he said.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Sometimes, in the street, you smell something familiar..

Sometimes, it's the music you hear..

Sometimes, it's a conversation..

They trigger your memories.. random memories will flash back.. the trend these days "throwback".. how far back can yours go? 

I've always wondered how far back can IZ remember. 

They said kids do not remember trips during the first few years. So when exactly will they remember?

For sure, IZ can't remember the past 4 overseas trips.. not if I did not show him the photos..

He remembers random things at a random time. But usually incidents that happened within 3-4 months time frame.

Two days ago, he amazed me.

We were doing a Spot the Difference (will be covered in next post) game, there was a fish in a tank. Suddenly he said "do you remember? we went fishing?"

Surely, I didn't.. as we've never really went fishing before..

"Do you remember? we went fishing? the uncle says need to use the net and not our hands?"

Then it dawned upon me, that he remembered his Pre-Nursery field trip in Oct'13 to Pasir Ris Kid's Kampong.. I'm impressed.. this should be by far, the furthest memory he has. 

I shall keep an eye out for more..

On a different note, I felt glad I accompanied him to the field trip. At least when he brought it out, I knew what he was talking about.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Urine talk..

Was talking about his day.. when he said he bathed already coz he peed in his pants (at home).

IZ: I took bath already..
Me: when was that?
IZ: when I urine in my pants
Me: You urine in your pants?
IZ: Yes
Me: hmm.. how come?
IZ: coz my urine wants to come out (as a matter of fact)

I got to know it was so urgent, by the time he got to the toilet, stuck with his tight pants, he already peed.. Still working on control, way to go, son!

(Sometimes, he'll say my urine is sleeping.. my poo-poo is reading book.. they are too busy they can't come out.. hahahaha)

Haha.. I really enjoy all the little conversation everyday.. it's so fun..

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Random scribbling

IZ says "money!"
Officially the first symbol he knows..
From where? I don't know!

Spiderman he scribbled freehand from his memory!

Friday, 18 July 2014

As I turn 35...

All about myself..
  1. I'm sprinting, at the very last minute to submit my Play Therapy portfolio, due end of Aug, but in order to arrive in UK end of Aug, we'll have to submit early Aug. So, 4th Aug'14 is a big day. It's my submission day!
  2. I've decided to take on the challenge to register for Guzheng Grade 2 exam this year based on teacher's recommendation. Exam will be end of Nov or early Dec. I seriously still cannot imagine going to exam without exam pieces.. it's time to put my what's left memory to good use. Wish me luck!
  3. I'm officially a volunteer in Salvation Army Prison Support Services! This month's was a good start, looking forward to next month's and the camp end of the year!
  4. I've also registered to volunteer in food distribution in Bradell Height CC for needy families. Can't wait to start this Sat, on my birthday!
  5. I promised myself to put in more effort and spend more time with my (2) besties who are world apart from each other yet very important in my life.
  6. I'll be adding on a completely different industry onto my profile starting this month, and I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead.
  7. I'm still looking around for a significant gift for myself on this "important" birthday!

May I be blessed with good health.. overflowing love and happiness.. happy birthday to me!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Currently reading..

Hungry ≠ Thirsty

He had just finished dinner half an hour before.. and he drank the whole bottle of milk.

Me: are you that hungry, IZ? I thought you just had your dinner?
IZ: I'm not hungry, I'm thirsty.

A reminder to me that what I thought may not be the same as what he's thinking.

Monday, 14 July 2014

IZ's 1st Dental Visit

When I went for my dental months ago, I asked my dentist, Dr. Tan if she does for kiddos too. She showed me all her "weapons" for kiddos, mainly stickers, barbie dolls etc. So I made appointment for IZ to have his first dental visit. Mainly to create awareness of what he would expect if he neglects his teeth, so that his wouldn't be like mine!

He was anxious, held onto my hand most of the times, but he co-operated. Dr. Tan had a special way of counting his milk teeth.

Conclusion is he brushed his teeth well, they are clean except for the top left part. And the milk teeth has gap which is a good sign, that when adult teeth make their way, they will have sufficient space (cross our fingers and toes).

Cute glasses

Whenever Dr. Tan talks, he would do this

Start taking photos

One of the photos captured
Nice gap!

With Dr. Tan

Reward for being a brave boy
For each time Dr. Tan says "good boy, clever boy"
she'll put one in the red packet

Happy boy!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Name the things..

IZ and I was walking to NEX to meet friends (a fellow mother with her daughter), when I was suddenly inspired to play a word game.

I think it started when he asked me about shapes.

Suddenly, just like a light bulb, my brain went "ding!"

Me: Let's name things that are round.
IZ: ok!
Me: You can start first.
IZ: clock!
Me: hmm.. watch
IZ: signboard (pointing to the no left turn signboard)
Me: hmm.. coin?

Then he came out with: plates, traffic lights, egg yolk, etc

Wow, I nearly had brain freeze.. when I couldn't think of what's round anymore, I suggested to move to square..

Bad choice.

Kids in Play by Salvation Army

As I've completed my clinical hours first week of June, and procrastinating to complete my portfolio for submission, I'm happy to share that I'm doing my part to give back.

In Feb, while I was searching for volunteering opportunities, I came across Kids in Play program initiated by Salvation Army Prison Services. However, the program is conducted on Saturdays, and I was committed to play therapy in the children's home, so I left my name saying I would be available from July onwards.

They kept their list really well, I received a text from the PIC mid of June informing me there'll be a session on 5th Jul, and asked if I was still interested and available to volunteer. 

It was really a good session. The kids, their behaviours, the way they dressed, the way the caregivers talked to them was simply out of my expectation. I expected way too negatively, I guess. They were as normal as other kids would be, you wouldn't even feel pity them, although at times you feel like you were choked with emotions. I felt for them. In the room with at least 60 kids, you know there were at least 60 stories behind.

The way they talked, and the way I consciously making the effort to talk, as if we were talking about parent (for some kids parents) were on a business trip, really.

It dawned upon me, where the positive mindset in one of the kids I had play therapy with in the home came from. It was from all the initiative and all the love they could feel and they could give.

It dawned upon me that indeed, no matter what happened, the parent(s) in the prison would always be the parent(s). No matter what happened.

This program is really good in connecting the kids, caregivers and the parent(s) in the prison.

For the kids, they are always reminded that their identity remains the same. Their incarcerated parent(s) will always be their parent(s). They learn how to appreciate and render a helping hand to their caregiver.

For the caregivers, they are given a chance to take a breather. They are supported by the program, to always remind the kids that they have each other and never give up.

For the incarcerated parent(s), they learnt how they can love from afar. They learnt what their children wants from them even though they are not there physically.

For once, I was strong. The kids do not need our pity. They need our support, to stand strong, while they brave through one of the tough phases in life.

The biggest takeaway, while I choked with emotions:

I feel happy if I get A* in my AA. My dadddy will say "I know you can do it"
I feel sad when I lose my thing. My daddy will say "You can find it again"
I feel angry when my sister pulls my hair. My daddy will say "Stop pulling your brother's hair"

I'm looking forward to the next session. I learnt a lot from them.

God, please give me strength.

Random Updates

Humpty Dumpty

3D Snake

Another Humpty

Holding Grandma's hand to her 84th birthday celebration

Wanted to paint right after his nap


Look at the eyes he painted?
We were really impressed.

Our interests..

As we installed a built-in cabinet in our former study room, now IZ's room, we discovered something..

Something obvious yet not so obvious.. if I do not put it down like below:

Daddy's comic - not sure how much they are worth NOW
But they fit in 10 carton boxes!

My limited collection
Now that we have a cabinet and still have space, I can buy more eh?

IZ's passion obviously.. painting, drawing
Art & Craft shelf I called it

I'm a hardy

Me: your daddy will spoil you
IZ: I'm so hard, cannot spoil me 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Humpty Dumpty

Thursday, 3 July 2014

I can't fly without wings...

Last night, while we were heading home from IZ's art class, I realised to my horror I forgot to buckle him in his car seat!

Me: next time, if I forget to buckle you up, you must remind me ok?
IZ: why? (munching away his Butter Boom hungrily)
Me: if you do not buckle up, you'll fly out from the car if daddy jams emergency brake
IZ: but I don't have wings, I can't fly!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Currently Reading

Random updates

And so, the renovation started..

Orange popsicle on a hot day - Daiso has such innovative mould!

Fell in the field, from chasing after birds

Fell while scooting the next day

Snakes & Ladders

Cookie Monster, he said
Superb job I would say

Cookie Monster for Mommy, he said