Monday, 15 June 2015

SEA Games

Inspired by SEA Games ongoing lately, he brought Lego play to another level:

Random creations over the weekend

"Pretty dress for the Princess"


"Riding on a horse"

New dress designed for Rapunzel


"A knight"


"A car"
Creativity knows no boundary

"king's man!"

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

IZ's 1st Violin Performance

I was at Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen for community service organised by my company when I got a text from hubby who accompanied IZ to his group lesson.

"Mr Lee ask if IZ like to perform later at Simei CC at 12pm"

I was like, "what? does he even want that?"

"Mdm Teo says he wants"

They came to pick me, went home, ate, changed and off we went to Simei CC.

I didn't even know which song he was going to play. 

Then Mdm Teo told me "Song of the Wind".

IZ was oblivious of what was going on, he just followed suit. He told me he didn't want to perform when we were going to assemble with the rest. I said ok, although my heart fluttered (why did you agree in the first place? beats me, really).. But I also told myself, it's ok, it was not planned, so it's ok if he really didn't want to do it.

The moment he saw so many kids in the dance studio playing their violins, he said "I need my violin", and he started playing.

Mr Lee was arranging the group when we were told IZ was going to play solo and we had to go to the stage right away. The audience was waiting for the next show!

I briefly told IZ to introduce himself (not knowing what else to say/do - I was anxious, nervous, panic, lost)..

He didn't want to go up the stage alone, so I had to go with him, and hid behind the curtain.

He started "Hello! My name is IZ. I am 4 years old"

And started his piece.

I couldn't breathe.

I guess the dad was anxious too, for the video he took, was shaking.. badly.

He was off pitch, but I gave him credit for being so brave, steady and cool on the stage, went on even when there was mistake.

I couldn't have done it as well as he did.

Proud of him.

He's still oblivious of the whole thing.. he said "I practised on the stage, alone".

His first solo performance @
Changi Simei CC Open House

How to be a good sports?

IZ has difficulty admitting defeats. Absolutely nil sportsmanship.

Let him win in a game, he'll smile happily.

Let him start losing lose in a game, he'll sulk.. even cry.

And so the cycles went.. we tried very hard to make him lose in almost every game if we could help it.

Teaching him to be a good sport has been in vain.

Then I thought of a good idea..

To show him how it feels to lose, for real.

The 28th SEA Games in Singapore is the right place to start.

So I had to choose a game. Long enough to let him see how hard the players played, short enough for him to still be engaged.

Naturally, I chose the cheapest one, the free one. Naturally, I chose my favorite, the field hockey.

And so I chose the day when SIN was going against MAS. 

An almost no-fight match. I knew MAS was going to win.

But it was utmost important to let IZ see by himself, what "losers" do after a game.

We reached at half time and there was queue. We were denied entry as stadium was full. We were told there was no guarantee we could go in. We queued anyway, and glad we did.

Started to queue
During the game, he asked 1001 questions.. about hockey.

And I kept bringing him back to the point that SIN was losing, but the players were still playing hard.

SIN was defeated 1-4.

The most important moment arrived at the end.

The players from each team shook hands with each other. The "losers" didn't cry. The "losers" was applauded by the crowd for trying. The "losers" did not say "I don't want to play again!"

Both IZ and I clapped and cheered along that they worked hard. That's the spirit, my son.

How much has he taken away? I can't tell now.. until the next losing moment.

Random drawings

"Pattern colours"

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Bye milk bottle!

We were advised there's no need to continue giving him formula milk. And that we could try fresh milk instead.

Since we told him we will just finish up the formula milk at home, he has been savouring every drop of the milk, as much as he could, from the bottle.

He would prop a pillow nicely, and lie down before sucking the bottle. I can't deny he looks really cute sucking!

Then a friend brought her daughter to the dentist and found decay. My friend then took the opportunity to eliminate sweets and milk bottles out of their lives. All has been good.

And I told myself to do it later, while thinking of all the possibilities that the transition ain't gonna be easy.. then opportunity chanced upon us..

My sister bought a cute cup-bottle with straw for IZ during our trip back to KL last week. So I told him during our trip to Bukit Tinggi, that it'd be the last night he sucked his bottle, we need to say bye bye to the bottle.

Last night with the milk bottle

Hello new cup-bottle!

Amazing how the kiddo could adapt so easily!

Now, how do we wean off formula milk smoothly? The last can ain't gonna last long!