Thursday, 22 April 2010

Finally.. our 1st gynae appt fixed..

How I feel: feel more nausea, but no throwing up, still mild sore breast

After a few big hoo and haa.. I finally made an appointment with the gynae I had wanted even before pregnancy, Dr. Yvonne Tan from TMC.

Read from internet, she is good, caring, and good at stitching. She has many patients who are doctors themselves. Although her fee is slightly high, it is surprisingly slightly cheaper than our supposedly 1st appointment at KKH.

So, our 1st gynae appointment will be on Thurs, 29th Apr, just before our Beijing trip. Although I feel perfectly fine, I am still worried when mom keep nagging about how not to walk so much in Beijing.

I appreciate elderly advice, but not to the extent worry me so much…

Lately, I have been able to doze off without much effort. Hahaha…

Many new friends in forum says they have really bad morning sickness, but people who are close to me like Jenny, JoAnne did not have any when they were pregnant.

I thought I am lucky enough… and I pray this is the worst I will ever experienced, coz I can’t afford to go on MC for weeks…

Beijing trip is my first long vacation ever, 8 days in total, without my laptop! Yippie! First long vacation, without having to work! But phone will still ring… still, the thought not having to work at the end of tired day in Beijing, thrills me.. :-)

My new objective in life: to think of just happy thoughts! :-D :-D

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hospital Shopping

I am still troubled over which hospital to choose.. which gynae to choose..

I made an appointment yesterday, to meet gynae before our Beijing trip. But we are not able to get Dr. Irene Chua, so settled for Dr. Lee Lih Charn instead. Tried to search for what other said online, but seems like not much is said.

Tried to fix hospital tour too, but KKH said only on every Fri, and there is none next week. :-( So, no hospital tour for KKH for now.

We went to hospital tour in Thomson Medical Centre today.

While waiting at the reception, there is mommy checked out, bringing her newborn home. The newborn was so tiny, both hubby and I had weak legs. :-p

And something amazed me.. in the tour group, there are many mommies to be that is heavily pregnant. Gosh, am I a bit kiasu? My tummy is not showing yet, and here we are, choosing which hospital to go to? ;-p Hubby says, probably because they are seeing gynae in prviate clinic, thus they have the luxury to choose hospital. Whereas, for us, we'll have to choose gynae in KKH or TMC. :-p

Then we were brought to the delivery suite. On the way, we heard baby crying, a newborn, having his/her weight and length measured. I was near to tears...

Surprised that there is a package for maternity, just like holiday package, hotel package. :-p

For one-bedded and above, there is even candlelight dinner for the couple! :-) hehehe..

Both hubby and I are so in love with the private suite... maybe we should do some calculation and see if we really want to enjoy such luxury.. **correction** see if hubby wants to let me enjoy such luxury for giving birth to our baby fish..

Not so good about TMC: cramped and expensive carpark, rather cramped surrounding, there's only Delifrance available.

Then we went to KKH for "sightseeing". It's so much different from TMC. Spacious, with more food options, Mc'D, Delifrance, Kopitiam, etc...

But we were not able to get any info there as the office is closed, on Sat.

Now, what we can do is just to wait for 27th Apr for first appt with Dr. Lee and get more information on KKH...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Which hospital to choose...?

How I feel: Mild sore breast, wobbled food like pig during meal times

I went to see Chinese Sinsei again yesterday. She asked to see gynae in 2 weeks time. Also not to carry my laptop on the shoulder.

She asked how I felt and things like that. I told her I didn’t feel anything. Only occasional tired.

Slept like a pig too.

Sinsei prescribed 2 weeks worth of medicine to “yong toi”. Just nice to replenish before we head to Beijing.

Now, the big headache that is still disturbing, what about the gynae arrangement.

Hubby agreed to go for hospital tour this Sat.

I still feel 15 and 16. Don’t know which hospital should I choose.

Don’t really like KKH due to Kandang Kerbau name.. but it’s economical enough to get the best service there.

Really love TMC (Thomson Medical Centre) 1 bedded room. But what if there is complication and need to refer back to KKH?

Duhz.. the headache continues for a while I guess.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

10th Apr 2010 (The Day)

Yeah, today is the day. And menses didn't come! I think I should be confirmed preggy, no? :-)

I started to write in Singapore Motherhood, asking the mummies to-be on my concerns.

Most of them say I should visit gynae before my trips, and I should really consider changing gynae.

Thinking about it, ya. I should reconsider. Why would I want to stick with Dr. Irene Chua if it means sleepless night?

So, now need to search online for more recommendation.

There is this Dr. Adrian Woodworth in Sengkang, near enough and he has a package that is reasonable. Even without hubby in town, I could have gone to see him myself. Ideal..?

But I don't know if I can accept a male gynae.. need to talk to hubby later when he comes back from his mj session. :-)

Good thing is, Dr. Adrian Woodworth will be delivering in Thomson Medical Centre, where I wanted it to be. Not Kandang Kerbau! Hahahaha....

9th Apr 2010 (29th day from last menses)

How I feel: still feel hungry easily, ocassional tummy cramp and easily tired after walking

Still don't feel that preggy... keep reminding myself to be careful at all times.

And still bothered by the trips.. there is another one in June.. but I really enjoy traveling. :-p

Hubby helped to change appointment with Dr. Irene Chua. It's going to be on 31st May, and that will be Week 11! Some says it's ok, some says it's too late. I think I really ought to see a gynae before flying to put my mind to ease.

Went to meet Phyllis, Michelle and Fiona with Sabrina after work. We had dinner at Din Tai Fung @ Cityhall. God, couldn't recall why I hated Din Tai Fung. The food was fantastic! Reached home rather late, at almost 11pm. Felt so tired and I couldn't help worrying. Is baby OK?

Reached home, I grabbed my towel and took out the 2nd last kit we have and went to bathe. It turned out baby is fine. I think I am being overly paranoid now, there is nothing to keep me calm except to see a gynae soon. :-p I need an assurance baby is in me!
And the line is darker this time.. :-p

Tomorrow is the day.. menses will be due tomorrow.. is it true we are expecting? Can't help worrying...

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Round #4 : Strike!

I pray baby fish is here to stay...

8th Apr 2010 (28th day from last menses):
How I feel: Good, with mild breast sore, hungry easily, ocassional tummy cramp and worse after walking for long

Meeting was called at 10+. I went in the board room with my breakfast, curry bun. Lady boss asked "why, eating for two now?" I was surprised, but replied I didn't have time to eat properly. And so the meeting goes.. indicating we need to go Wuxi somewhere in June.

Came back from lunch, I felt rather giddy. Nearly black out again. Palms were pale. I was very worried. I want our baby fish badly, I am trying all means to protect myself and baby fish, please let us be healthy.

So I went to company's doctor and checked blood pressure and heart beat. Everything is ok doctor said. And she calculated, EDD will be on 19th Dec 2010. :-)

Bumped into lady boss on the way to toilet and she asked me again "Are you pregnant?" I was caught by surprise again. "Why do you ask? You could feel or something?" I asked her. She said no. "But are you pregnant?" I asked if it's because I gained weight or something? She said no, but coz I looked sickly recently. And she said, if pregnant means pregnant, how many months. I told her it's just coming to month. Still very soon. She said "it's a good thing, congratulations". :-) Thank you thank you....

Went back to office feeling much better. And we had photography session with boss who retired. Felt so tired standing.

And then YJ told me on Skype, lady boss just openly announced I am pregnant. Duhz... I was trying to hard not to tell too many people, and here it is.. more and more people know...

Today, it should be more and more confirmed, coz if it was a 28 days cycle, my menses due today. But then again, sometimes, it is a 30 days cycle, so I shall wait 2 more days before feeling relieved.

There is one headache though. How safe is it to travel during first trimester? Hubby and I will be bringing my mum to Beijing from 1st to 8th May, and my Europe trip will be from 16th to 23rd. I wonder if I can make it. :-(

And gosh.. if I were to go Europe, I would have to change my gynae appointment again. :-(

7th Apr 2010 (pm) (27th day from last menses):

I called KKH to fix appointment with Dr. Irene Chua. It was a rather chaotic appointment fixing.

First, it was fixed on 6th May, 8.20am, and I happily agreed. To realise I'll be in Beijing.

Then, it was fixed on 21st May, but at Clinic A instead of The Private Suite (TPS). Knowing it's not as good as TPS from DW, I called to change the appointment again, to 18th May, 9.40am. And the call centre operator wasn't really happy. :-p

7th Apr 2010 (am) (27th day from last menses):
How I feel: Good, with mild breast sore, ocassional tummy cramp and tired after walking too much

I woke up at 3am. Not sure what woke me up, maybe the full bladder. So, I took the digital kit to bathroom and peed on it.

The instruction was very clear. I had to wait for 3 minutes. Really high tech, there's a "waiting" icon blinking while the kit diagnose the content.

Then the "Pregnant" word came. Very much to my anticipation, I could predict the conceived date that will appear could be 1 to 2 weeks. And so the "1-2" appear, indicating 1-2 weeks since conceived and doctor will conclude the pregnancy as 3 weeks.

6th Apr 2010 (pm) (26th day from last menses):

We went to Watson's right after seeing Sinsei to get more kit.

Chose the Clearblue digital (new in market - the one indicate how many weeks you have conceived) and also a pair of Clearblue normal kit.

Reached home, I couldn't help to test when I bathed. I decided to use the normal kit first. Save the good one for morning urine. :-p Although quite confident, I was rather worried. What if it was a false alarm in the morning?

The kit was different from Watson's kit. The urine will pass the test window first, then the control window. And I saw the cross.. and waited for quite a while for the urine to move to the control window. Yes! The test worked, and it was positive again!

6th Apr 2010 (am) (26th day from last menses):

I woke up earlier than usual, from a dream. I dreamed I did a test, and I saw a faint pink line. Couldn't stop myself from taking out the Watson's kit from the drawer and went to shower. Hands were trembling when I unwrapped the kit, read the instruction and peed on it. Slowly, control line came in solid purple. Nothing happened at first. Started to feel a bit disappointed, then I saw it. Faint pink line! I blinked my eyes a few times, the line started to appear.

"Am I imagining the line?" I thought to myself.

I rubbed the window a few times. Is it the reflection of the light? I couldn't be sure. I kept staring at it for few minutes. In fact, the whole shower.

Then I went back to the soundly asleep hubby.

"Dear!" I jumped onto him. He reluctantly opened his eyes, but still lying down. I showed him the kit. He could tell what was the result. But he didn't really react the way I wanted. Ya, how I wanted him to jump from excitement. But he wanted to go back to sleep.

I couldn't stop giggling. But couldn't help worrying.. it's still too soon though. Maybe we should get some other brands to test again tonight, I told hubby. And he agreed.

Couldn't contain my excitement, I initiated conversation with Fiona over Skype. I told her I couldn't be sure. She was happy for me.

And so the next step, to ask for gynae info and chinese medicine to "yong toi".

DW recommended KKH where his daughter is born.

ML recommended Chinese Sinsei coz of my spotting. So we went after work, to the one at Golden Landmark, Wholistic.

Sinsei couldn't be sure of my pregnancy as it is too soon. She prescribed some medicine to be taken for a week, and back again if menses do not come. She said the medicine will help to speed up menses if not pregnant, or "yong toi" if I am indeed pregnant.

5th Apr 2010 (25th day from last menses):

I spotted some brownish discharge at work today. Secretly asked myself, if it could be menses coming early or it could be implantation per say. Brushed the thoughts aside, I decided to leave the confirmation till another week, after menses is due, so not to waste any pregnancy test kit. :-p