Tuesday, 8 March 2016


While IZ is a good natured boy, as YJ always say, I've always been concerned as he has never displayed a little compassion. He has done a little of volunteer work, he understands how some people need help more than others. But I've never seen him concerned over anything, let alone show compassion or empathy.

When I had really bad migraine middle of last year, that I cried and cried. He told me it was the first time he saw me crying. But he said that as a matter of fact. He was not concerned at all.

I'm really worried that he'll grow up a cold person.

Lately I've seen that he was concerned over the grandma, remembering to pass the walking stick to grandma when she forgot.

Last night, for the first time, I saw compassion in him.

We were practising violin when he suddenly stepped on my right leg. I screamed out of pain. And he started crying. Despite the pain, I had to comfort him. I thought he was crying in case I start scolding. Then he said "I'm so sorry, MAMA!" and continue sobbing. "I'm so sorry".

I told him it's ok, I was just in pain. And I asked him why he cried?

He said "coz I feel so sorry for you, I feel so sad for you"

Totally melts my heart, I guess the boy does have a warm heart. What a relief...

Monday, 7 March 2016

K2: 1st PTM

Today was the first PTM with Ms. Beverley. Before we left for the school, I asked IZ, what he expected the teachers to tell us. He said "good".

She is definitely younger than I've imagined. Tall, slender, sweet with nice manicured nails.

She definitely do not look like one strict teacher, although I've heard about her strict methods. Facing the wall, stripping off leader tag if misbehave etc. I guess she has what it takes to manage the kids.

She told us he has good learning attitude, has been very constant with his diligent work. He is very strong in phonics, can read very well, and very delightful to have him in the class. She said she doesn't know how we teach him at home, which embarrassed us a little, didn't know what to say with such compliment.

Seems like she exchanged notes with Ms Fizah regarding IZ's pronunciation. Ms. Beverley says he has no problem with pronunciation at all, and that she sees improvement in him since January. So, she knows of IZ tongue release history and speech therapies. Plus point.

I asked if he eats well. She said he is fussy, but she made sure to knock on the CIP class to make sure IZ eats his lunch. Another plus point.

Li Laoshi, the same Chinese teacher as last year, complimented him that he is diligent in his work and also display interest in the language. Although he needs to correct his Chinese pronunciation a little. To be honest, I'm already quite happy with his development, as long as he likes the language, it doesn't matter if he speaks like a potato. (He recites Chinese poems at home.. although I can't understand what he was reciting about)..

Li Laoshi told us that IZ is very helpful to friends and teachers. Displayed concern when Ms Beverley didn't come to school and would ask if Ms Beverley is feeling ok when she turns up the next day.

Both teachers agreed that he enjoys learning and good in both languages.

He also did well for his show and tell (for both languages) and shared his trip to the fire station with passion and excitement.

We are very happy with his good learning attitude and respect to the teachers.

Well done, son.. do keep it up!