Thursday, 29 August 2013

Music Trial in Seimpi @Hougang

Although I do not encourage competitiveness in enrichment, I do think our children should be exposed to various activities when they are young, and see if they have passion and interest in it.

I have been waiting impatiently to let IZ goes to multi-sports and art class - in my various posts.

To cut story short, there was new slot for weekend class in Seimpi for music. Then, I got a slot for trial for multi-sports! How lucky!

We went for music trial on Sunday. It was not our first experience with Seimpi, I've brought IZ to their classes when he was 1 year plus. I stopped then when he couldn't sit still and just kept playing with the keyboards in the room. And he didn't want to pay attention to the teacher unless if she sang new song. Then, he could mimick teacher's actions although his back was facing the teacher. So, I pulled out.

This time, I'm still a little bias, coz I would love it if he could learn music, so that I have a reason to buy piano at home?! Hahaha!

Anyway, there was only 1 permanent studen in the class, with 2 children (including IZ) attending trial. While I still believe in Seimpi's method of teaching, I strongly believe the kids will have strong foundation in music, I found the teacher not as interesting. Well, just say IZ could action Humpty Dumpty better and more interestingly than her.

IZ remembers what was taught in the class, but I'm hesitant. I can't foresee IZ paying attention to this lady teacher after say, 3 lessons? or 2 maybe.. **shrug**..

So I asked the front desk staff if they had other weekend classes for the same age group (3-4 yo), he said there was one, but it's on Sat 3-4pm. That shucks.. coz that's IZ's naptime. I'm not willing to risk a cranky child to the music class. The plus point is, it'll be taught by a male teacher who appeared on papers before.

Anyway, I guess it just not meant to be.

This coming Sunday, while I'll be away, hubby will bring IZ to multi-sport class in Ready Steady Go Kids in AMK branch. They were very responsive when I enquire, and the trial will be FOC, the timing is about right, 11.30am-12.15pm. So, why not? We shall see if he likes it...

He has been telling me that he likes sports! I just hope the class would be interesting. :-)

Potty training @ 32 months ++

Update on potty training at home:

He's been doing very well. From the need to ask him if he needs to urine, to now, he'd say I need to urine! and ran urgently to the bathroom. He's still struggling to take off his pants and underwear before facing the urinal, I think he's doing extremely well with no accidents.. and thenafter he would ask for stickers!

Update on diaper-less school days:

1st day (21 Aug): no accident at all
2nd day (23 Aug): he peed in his pants while helper trying to take off his jacket at the school compound after school
3rd day (26 Aug): he said he needed to urine but was a little too late, they were nowhere near a toilet
4th day (27 Aug): he said he needed to urine but was a little too late, peed in the lift at our block
5th day (28 Aug): he passed urine before he left for home, so, it was accident free!
6th day (which is today, 29 Aug): he wet his pants in the school, and wet his pants again on the way home.. boo hoo!

I'm still proud of him, as he didn't reject the idea of going diaper-less to school. Hope this phase will pass soon.. and then we can start being diapler-less at naps! :-D :-D

Updated on 6th Sep'13:
6th day (29 Aug): brought him to jog in the field, he told me he needed to urine when we were on the way to the playground (after jog). I had nothing with me, so I had to let him pass urine by the road, near a tree. I read a lot of horror stories of how people who pass urine to a tree may "disturb" some spirits, I said "excuse me, excuse me", while he peed. That night, he said "excuse me, excuse me" when he peed in the toilet! WAHAHAHAH!

7th day (30 Aug): The beginning of a good progress :-) :-)
Morning: We brought him to KKH for his lazy eyes check-up. (I may blog about the medical appointment in another post, IF I get to it). Suddenly he told us, he needed to urine. He had his diaper on! But he asked to urine! YEAY! Hubby quickly brought him to pass urine in the toilet. I couldn't be happier.. In fact, really proud and amazed...

Evening: I brought him to BBQ with my friends, when he suddenly said "I want to urine". Wow.. again, I was so proud of him, coz he HAD his diaper on! I think that's the best thing that's happening!

Few days passed, he has no more accidents in school nor home nor on the way home. That's a great start to the daytime potty training..

Up next, we'll try potty training while in day naps.. or maybe night sleep.. let's see how it goes.. I do have a feeling he'll be potty trained before he turns 3.. :-)

Updated on 16th Sep'13 (33 months+):

Subsequently from the above chain of events, we managed to stay dry in the day, except during naptime, he would wear a diaper. So I would say it took him 7 days to be fully trained while he's awake.

We took a long journey bus to KL last week, and he managed to keep the diaper (put on in case I couldn't bring him to toilet during the journey) dry throughout too, although he napped for about 3 hours. I'm really very proud of his progress.

Some says it's better to train them one shot, ie. day and night time. But I prefer to take things slowly, as the last thing I want is him regressing, or him detest diaperless etc.

So now, we are happy as it is, that he could ask to pass urine when he's awake. No accidents anymore.

He's showing some progress during daytime nap too. He hasn't wet his diaper for the last few days, but we still put on diaper for him, of course. :-)

I'll wait for his cue for next step.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Walking down memory lane..

If you'll notice, or maybe not, I seldom talk about IZ's weaknesses or "bad stuffs". I reflected upon it, and I think it's because of his G6PD deficiency. Not that I think it is a GREAT deal that he should be forgiven even if he's made mistakes. It is quite a BIG deal for me. He got the deficiency from me, as I am a carrier, and I didn't know till after I gave birth!

I remember the pain of not having him by my side after I was discharged from the hospital after my caesarian. He was in mild jaundice condition, so he was not allowed to go home with me. Imagine the pain, going home after labour, WITHOUT a baby. I was pretty strong (emotionally) the first 2 days, I was pumping diligently so that hubby could send expressed breast milk to the hospital, so the nurses could feed IZ with that instead of formula milk.

(I was only trying my best, and I did breastfeed him for 8 months, even if you give your child formula milk, I do not think you are any less good mother, so don't take it too hard if you're one of the mommies who can't give breast milk to your baby.)

As day passed by, I felt the pain of not having me by my side. I think on the 4th morning when the paeditrician called to update me, I broke down. IZ was not in serious condition, he had only very mild jaundice, but as the index didn't decrease, and he is a G6PD deficient, they had to monitor him, in case the jaundice level shot up.

The next day, he was discharged, but we still had to sun him. WHATEVER, I'd do WHATEVER to keep him by my side.

And.. because of all that.. I've never grumbled although I had to wake up a gazillion times for midnight feeds and pumping. I've never complained about a single thing about him. And so, it actually continues till now.

I do sometimes share about his mischiefs, but generally I'm more happy to share with you about his positive stuffs.

He's a kind hearted soul, who would cry when he saw other children cry. He's very sentimental and emotional, JUST LIKE ME! Gosh! He's a boy.. I know..

And then when I took up Play Therapy, all the more I know how I want him to be. To be mentally happy, psychologically happy, not just HAPPY.

Last week, I felt like I was losing it. I was not in the best of my moods. But he was not co-operative at all. He was all cranky, cried over trivial things like us closing his book instead of leaving it at the page he wanted to see, the page where Cinderella and the prince danced! He also whined at the slightest thing. He woke up middle of the night crying inconsolably.

And I wasn't feeling good enough to cope with that "disaster". I claimed either the Terrible Twos came late, or the Terrible Threes came early. I really couldn't take it. But I remember what I learnt.

So I detached myself from all the social commitments and spent time with him, doing what he likes to do.

That night, when he was falling asleep, I played the serenity song again. Had not played it for a long time. He didn't cry that night.

And so the next few nights.

I guess my nightmare is over for now.. till the next phase.

I still can't figure what went wrong last week, but I'm sure he would be able to tell me what's wrong in the future.

The last 2 nights, he has been drawing while he told stories, back to his old self. I'm still having problem with self-feeding, but that issue would come later.

And oh, by the way, yesterday was the first day he went to school without diaper! He made it without accidents! Thankful the teacher was very supportive. Hopefully it'll continue this way.. fingers crossed..

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Random pics on a random day

I drafted a long post this morning but I forgot to save before I closed my browser. And I thought Blogger does auto-saving! Gosh!

Now that I have to start writing again, the feeling is not the same anymore.

Anyway, here's random pics for a random day..
Taken when he was 26 days old

When he is 32 months+

Entirely his work - built a wall for Humpty Dumpty

Look at the happiness

Chinese anyone?

I was talking to a friend about my concern over IZ's non-existent Chinese speaking. And so I thought I should at least try to speak some with him at home, while I figure what I'm gonna do in the near future.

And so I tried speaking Chinese to him when we went for a jog 2 days ago. He was completely immersed in Chinese MODE:

We bumped into an uncle:

Uncle: what a good start!
Me: call uncle
IZ: Uncle, Ni hao!!

(Whoa! My son speaks Chinese!)

Thought it was a good chance to speak more Chinese with him..

Bla bla bla BLA BLA BLA

Me: (in Chinese of coz) and now we are going to.. (Thinking hard what is playground in Chinese..)

IZ: (waited patiently)

Me: (still in Chinese) and now we are going to.. Hmmmm..

IZ: you le chang!

WHOA! Do I still try? 

Monday, 19 August 2013

All about Princess

If you remember he asked about the Princess figurine here. He was all interested in Princessy and fairy tales.

He has been "reading" the same page of this fairy tale storybook. He wants the exact page 169 story which is Cinderella. He would fuss if anyone closes his book. Even to sleep...

Activities on 18th Aug'13

He woke up very early yesterday, was playing coins and coin banks by himself. So I brought out my treasure bag. He excitedly exclaimed "learn alphabet!".

And so we did i, j and k. As you can see, I was not prepared for the j. I've not gotten what's for the feely letter!
Glue & Paste the kettle

Not bad right? :-)

Glue & Paste activity from Kumon workbook - it's getting more challenging!
And then he asked to do colouring, so I passed to him the Kumon workbook we've not touched for very long. The objective is to fill the white circle with the colour that blends with the area, so that the panda looks like the one in the example on top right corner.

Daddy: the panda is black and white

IZ looked not convinced, but he coloured black for a while.. then changed his mind.

IZ: but I want blue panda...


"and orange!"
Then IZ says, "see, it's beautiful!"

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Self-feeding headache..

I'm writing this post while I'm fuming actually.

I do not really know what age is appropriate for kids to learn how to self-feed as I do not want to stress myself of the milestone I'll find at the click of a SEARCH button, but I do really think at 32 months going 33 months, IZ ought to know how to self-feed. When I say self-feed, it reads, eating meals out of spoon and fork and stuff the spoonful of rice into his mouth and swallow, and so till the food disappear from the bowl/plate.

It's not that he could not self-feed for survival, but if it's up to him, he would never feed himself, except to finger foods, read food that you could eat using your fingers. Our helper has pampered him since young, feeding him every single meal. And now, to get him to self-feed, the food would get cold before he even get to reach for the spoon. Or there would be incidents before he could even feed himself, coz he would be busy playing with either the food or the utensils.

So, why do I hurry him to learn how to self-feed?

First of all, it would be great, if there's extra pair of hands to eat my own food, and not busy trying to feed or make him feed himself.

Secondly, I really think his motor skills are not very good in feeding, or aiming per say. I want him to practise on his motor skills so that he could eat by himself, write better etc.

Now I sound like hurrying him to grow, I'm not comparing him with milestones, I just want him to eat normally.... desperately..

And it's not helping when the elderly at home interfering me teaching my son!

Now, I shall breathe in and out.. and figure what I can do to start all over again..

Perhaps, I can shop for new bowl, utensils and all for the start!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

IZ says.. at 32 months


He likes us reading to him these days. He would choose books from his bookshelf and asked us to read. 

His favorite would be books on eggs or Humpty Dumpty. He would ask to repeat the story again and again. 

When asked "again?" he said "not again.. ONE MORE TIME" 

How can you say NO? :-D 


We brought him to the beach today, and I was making something out of the sand mould. 

 He demolished it  and said "I make my own". 

 To think this came from my boy. He is growing up fast and furious. 


He took the Spider-Man toy and said to his dad "Let's fight.. Spider-Man fighting you" 

And he was all prepared to fight... 

Dad: why would Spider-Man fight with me? I'm a good man.. 

Iz: good man? ... 

Dad: ya, Spider-Man is my friend, I'm a good man! 

Iz: your friend? @-@ 

Hahahahaha! What a bummer..


Hubby and I were talking about pilots, basically their responsibilities, and of course, how much they are earning etc.. And then I turned to IZ:

Me: Do you want to be a pilot, IZ?

IZ: no!

Me: What do you want to be then?

IZ: IZ!!

To be honest, we couldn't be happier. How many times have we been asked the same question and we answered something else but not ourselves. We cheered at his answer and he was amused.

It was a simple answer, yet we always complicate it, we always wanting to be something else...

Added on 12th Aug'13


Hubby and I noticed IZ likes to reply our answers with a question marks. Yesterday, while I was putting him to sleep, he went to my therapy set-up and chose to bring Princess to nap with him. Then he started asking...

IZ: where's the leg?
Me: covered by the dress
IZ: can open?

Few minutes later..

IZ: why is this white colour?
Me: that's the linen of her dress
IZ: linen
(and I was thinking hard if I gave him a correct answer.. apparently, it's called lining!)

Few minutes later..

IZ: why is the hand blue colour?
Me: that's the gloves my dear..
IZ: gloves?

Before more questions were asked, I put the princess in sleeping position and told him he should sleep like the princess too.. and Zzzzzz he went... 


Hubby brought IZ to poop in the toilet, and he dashed out to me later.. "MOMMY!!" he called and giggled and came to me..

Then he went "Daddy and Mommy!!!!" and giggled...

I asked "yes darling, why are you so happy?"

He replied "Yes, I'm happy! Coz we are family!"

Unknowingly, his reply made me smile.. I seldom told him about family being who and who.. and who and who consist of family.. but I was really glad and proud that he could put us up and say family.

And then when we were in the lift going to school today, he pulled my hand and his dad's hand and put them together, smiling...

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Painting at 32 months