Thursday, 31 December 2009

Baby fish, go on... swim....

Last week, I saw my cousin’s latest picture on Facebook, and her friend commented she’ll become mummy soon. I called my mum and confirmed the good news. I feel happy for her and hubby, who happened to be my high schoolmate.

Meanwhile, I have something to share about what I think of pregnancy or kids in general.

When I was younger, I couldn’t stand the sight parents handling mischievous kids, yelling kids, naughty kids, whatever you call the little monsters. Sometimes, I feel like strangling them when they yell and scream on top of their lung.

When I just got married, I know I didn’t really want kids. Partly because hubby is way older, partly because I can’t really believe I can be responsible enough.

Then, hubby said he wants a daughter, to complete our family.

After much considerations and many real life experience around us, that is, many friends got pregnant, gave birth, have 1st kid, 2nd kid and so on, I started to long for one myself.

I started to notice pregnant woman, cute babies, but I still hate naughty crying kids.

We started trying last month, for real. Supposedly, we started trying since June, but our project has never been able to launch successfully...

The lot I’ve got from the Kuan Yin Temple told me that the baby fish is swimming unhurriedly. I’ll have to be patient, and when the patience is stretched to limit, then, my body will change, pregnancy will occur.

So, we nicknamed our yet-to-conceive “baby fish”.

Jenn told me about the article she read the other day, about a woman had IVF treatment for all her 4 kids. She said there’ll be help even if I cannot conceive, so I don’t have to worry.

I asked her, how long does it take to tell when I need IVF treatment?

3 years, she said.

3 years?!?!

3 years: 36 months
1 month: 5 times (10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th day)

That is 180 times before you tell me about infertility?!?! Do you know how tiring is that? Both physically and mentally. :-(

She said “why you count like that one”. :-p

She asked me to stop taking coffee; I told her I can’t do it. I can only try to reduce, but that is as far as I could try.

I also boiled Bak Chen and Bai Foong Wan, but these efforts made me even more tired, I felt stressed.

I really hope we can be successful this month, and then we can share good news during CNY.

All we can do is only pray…

And God, for once, I think we are ready…. :-)