Friday, 22 March 2013

IZ Says: Random

@ 27 months +

50cents coin

IZ brought to me a 50cents coin, and asked me to open. Yes, you read right, OPEN.

I questioned him back "how to open a coin?"

He insisted that I open the coin.

I told him it's not possible for me to open the coin, and I knocked the coin onto a wall to prove it.

He said "I want to eat chocholate!"

Cotton bud candle

IZ took the cotton bud container to me and said "one only". I said NO.

He took it to the grandma and said "one only" and grandma says OK.

He held the cotton bud, singing happy birthday song, so I asked him whose birthday was it.

He said "Ah-Nah" (our helper)

I said, "oh, Ah-Nah's birthday.. how old is she?"

He said "TWO!!!"


And then he sang:
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Ah-Nah
Happy birthday to you!

And then I asked him "what's next?"

He gestured cake cutting. I told him we should blow the candle first, he blew the cotton bud candle he was holding and then he cut the cake using the same cotton bud. :-D

Johnny Johnny

This song we learnt when IZ watches YouTube. It has very strong Indian accent but the lyric was quite catchy.

Last night, while IZ doing his routine, rolling on the bed exactly an hour before he finally konk out, suddenly we heard him singing happily:

Johnny Johnny, yes papa!
Giggle giggle, no papa!
Open your mouth, HAHAHAH!

And all of us burst laughing!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lesson F for Fish: 20th Feb'13

He asked for lesson a shy 15 mins from my supposed conference call, so I had to do a quick one and left the dad finished up with him.

He took out the same F items from Lesson F for Frog: 17th Feb'13 and then we coloured the fishes together, although more like the dad and I coloured than him. We cut the fishes out and put on the paper clips.


I left for my conference call thenafter, and I got to know he flinged the "fishing rod" and hit his eyes. Oops! Be careful you folks!